The 21C Museum Hotel

The Renaissance Downtown

Other Options

  • Cincinnati has lots of great AirBnBs and other rentals. Here are some neighborhoods to check out:

  • "I want to walk everywhere."
  • Over-the-Rhine/"OTR": This is the best neighborhood to stay in for the wedding. It's a 5-10 minute walk to the hotels, and has some of the best stuff to do in Cincinnati! See the Cincinnati tab for more info.
  • Downtown: This is also a very convenient area. It's on top of the hotels, next to the river, museums and stadiums and is close to the Friday grillout and Sunday brunch.
  • "I'm renting a car and/or planning to Lyft everywhere."
  • Clifton: A historic neighborhood surrounding the University of Cincinnati. Referenced as "UC" in some posts, a 10-minute ride to downtown.
  • Northside: The hip neighborhood where the wedding venue is! It's a 15-minute ride from downtown.
  • Mt. Adams: Views on views on views. Overlooking downtown, this area is a 10-minute ride from downtown.
  • "I'm just here to see the Debbelers."
  • Mt. Lookout/Hyde Park: Close to Ault Park, the Cincinnati Observatory, and of course, the Debbeler family ancestral home.
  • Columbia-Tusculum: Down by the river. Close to Eli's BBQ and many other cute spots.